Sunday, April 26, 2009

cuckoo love

I love cuckoo clocks! I have a wall dedicated to cuckoo clocks and cuckoo themed crafts.

I designed and stitched this one for my friend Michelle, who loves cuckoos too, for her birthday; hence the M at the top and the time is actually her birth date.


cuckoo wall

I would love to have a plush cuckoo clock! Here are my two favorites:

By Heidi Kenney / My Paper Crane

By one of my most favorite crafty ladies,

By Diane Koss / Cuteseybutnotcutesy


krissy said...

Your cuckoo clock is SO cute! What a great job you did. Adorable. I live it. I really like cuckoo clocks too.

Sophia M Hernandez said...

Awesome job on the stitch! that second plush clock is super detailed, scary!