Friday, March 6, 2009

zines, heat gun, stitching

some things I've been working on today

put together some zines for orders, decorated envelopes, wrote notes to recipients, packed them up, worked on Handmade Nation t-shirt (currently working on Midwest on the sleeve).

I love that the Pneumatic Catalog has a different cover each time.

print gocco incoming mail bird, newish stamps, and new vintage stamps
recently acquired from Uncommon Objects

Sublime Stitching pattern

I'm actually questioning my initial decision to not include South East -
so far, only Midwest, my original home, and South Central, my new home.


Andrew Culture said...

Sewing is indeed the new cut n paste!
Andrew Culture

(my siggy)
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Blue Mama said...

I'm so jealous that you are such a rad embroider-er. I am just learning and it's not looking so cute so far! I thought it was a pain in the arse to embroider on

Bernadette said...

Looks like a great day's work! I love the shirt. And I love Austin too!

amy said...

are you embroidering on a tshirt without stabilizer? i'm so impressed! that's awesome. i bought that pattern too, but since i don't live in the US, i planned on using the other things, like the camera.

belle said...

awesome lady love!!!! um yeah I need some southern love in there mama!! ok I need more info on the twitter undies photo? what size undies do you wear? is this making my comment r rated? convo(hehe) me on that one or ylu know email me or something
lalalalove ya