Thursday, June 25, 2009

a crafty journey, Part 1: Bozeman, Montana

I've just returned from travels to these two most wonderful, completely distinct and uniquely beautiful places. Naturally I checked out all the artsy and crafty things I could, and wanted to share.

Bozeman, Montana : this is a sweet, quiet, and quaint little town surrounded by beautiful mountains and so close to Yellowstone National Park.

At the Coop, I admired a woman's hand-sewn cap and she referred me to the Emerson Cultural Center; an old school converted into gallery/studio/retail art and craft spaces. It has a small screening room and little cafe.

The hat is a creation of the talented Jennifer Hogin/Super Jenny Love, and is similar to this one: Eating a scrumptious caprese sandwich in the sweet herb garden of the Emerson Cultural Center before checking out the art

Junk altar art by JC

Tart is the shop of locally and regionally handmade art & crafts. It has a great variety, and also offers crafting classes; sewing, embroidery, beading, etc.

I fell in love with this ring, made by Sarah Ann of Fleshman Creek Designs

top two prints by Courtney Blazon, bottom four by Annie L. Bailey


That Wendy Girl said...

You're post is totally crazy b/c my mother is "JC" from the Altar Art that you saw in the ECCE Gallery in Bozeman! I was just googling her art and you're blog came funny.
Anyway, I loved seeing her art on your blog and I'm glad you dig Bozeman!

window treatments Atlanta said...

It seems I need to visit Tart too soon. Seems to be fulled of goof craft stuff to have my hands on.