Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scissor Love

I've been working on embroidering even more scissors (hair stylist, more vintage embroidery, diagram, etc.) and have hung up two more in the show still up at Starbucks. I will post the newest additions soon.

In the meantime, two scissor-related crafts that tickled me pink today.

Lauren Levy's show currently at D. Berman Gallery here in Austin, wonderful use of buttons! I just found out about this today and since it ends in a couple days, plan to check it out tomorrow.

And I love this demo display Rachel / Average Jane Crafter made for her embroidery classes and demos she's doing at Maker Faire San Francisco this weekend:


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krissy said...

These make me think of the movie Dead Again, it is from the 90's with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Brannaugh. Anyway, don;t want to give it away if you haven't seen it.....