Thursday, November 20, 2008

Amigurumi and Me

I love all that is adorable so naturally I adore lovely amigurumi. I have not yet moved from making plushies to actually crocheting creatures, though. I don't know if I have the patience for crochet. I gave up knitting for embroidery because I needed more instant gratification, and a more varied process, less repetetive.

It makes me admire those who knit, crochet, and amigurumi all the more. Here are three favorites:

1. In a previous post, I mentioned this adorable free pattern from the blog and put a shout out asking someone to make my dream come true and make an adorable sleepy elf for me. I was so surprised, and touched when a crafty lady out there in crafty land just offered to make it. Thank you so much, Tammy! She has a really neat blog you should check out. She did a beautiful job!

Here is a photo from her blog of Elfy in-progress:

Elfy arrived in the mail today and I'm going to embroider her little face on and will show you the result!

2. My lovely friend Misty, crocheting little critters. Cutest moose ever!

3. Yummypancake aka Denise Ferguson makes wonderful amigurumi, creates her own patterns, and cranks them out. She did a custom blue singer sewing machine with a little spool of thread. I also love her little plush toasts, pie, and bacon!


belle said...

i think I am freaking out about that little sewing machine

tamdoll said...

Hey! Can't wait to see the face you put on it. Glad you like it.