Sunday, February 1, 2009

hello new zine grab bags!

I've gone through a couple more zine bins, and here is a new round of zines available, just for the price of shipping - details are below as before.


  • U.S. cost is $4.95 + .50 for paypal = $5.45
  • Canada/Mexico cost is $10.95 + .65 for paypal = $11.60
  • All other international cost is $12.95 + .70 for paypal = $13.65
1. E-mail me to make sure it's still available. Specify which package you want - feel free to give a few in priority order
2. Wait till you hear back from me (first come first serve) and then paypal me the appropriate amount (I'll confirm this amount when I email you back). If you want to get more than one package, I will combine them in any way possible that is cheaper.
3. If you would like delivery confirmation, just add another $1 to the amount you paypal me, and let me know that you want it.
4. I will send your package out this week!

Zine Grab Bag #1 : 22 zines about Fat pride/phobia/politics/stories zines, several perzines and some parenting zines including
- Shameless : A brief intro to fatphobia and the transformative power of fat lovin'
- Fat Farm
- Fat chicks rock the mother fucking casbah
- Already too much; never enough (fat girl in (and out of) love)
- Girlzilla
plus -- two Aaron Cometbus books (Chicago Stories and Mixed Reviews), Hard As Nails, Overcome, 2 issues of Zuzu and the Babycatcher, Vena Cava #5, Orange & Blue #0, , 2 issues of Ration, and She Wolf magazine - a shiny glossy full color art magazine.

Grab Bag #2 : DIY, Crafts, & Cooking!
this is an awesome bunch of zines -- 16 including: How2 Zine (no 1 & 2 in one fat zine), arts & crafts revolution, T-zine (t-shirt reconstruction projects), stale cake, DIY academy Nontoxic Housecleaning, Zine making, an introduction, an intro to book binding (make your own sketchbook), Tublegs Artzine, #4, Let's DIY (tips and tricks on organizing zine workshops), stoked on spokes (community cycling resource guide), CROQ zine - issues #1 and 4

Grab Bag #3 : 23 perzines and special editions
the beautifully printed project The Dragomen with compilation zines, 2 color printed folder cover and pockets, Nina the Librarian comic, Coffeeshop Crushes, Ride On #7, Deliciosa #9, Missives (celebrating the lost art of letter writing), Miranda #11, Gideon #4, 12 Items Or Less (grocery shopping zine), 2 way frek, Temp Slave, etc.

Grab Bag #5 : 14 including Fish Piss #5, vol 2 #2, and vol 3 #1
Complete Control, Not My Small Diary, the Science, summit, headlock, and more.


all this is mine said...

I'd like grab bag #3!

noemi said...

do you still have grab bag #2?