Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's destash time! zine grab bags for all!

I have closets full of zines, big rubbermaid containers full, in various rooms where they're not doing anyone any good. It's time to spread them around! I'm sending them all in flat rate envelopes for just the cost of shipping. I'm trying to keep them thematically unified but some are more of a variety. This is jus the first round! I hope to post more this week.

Edited: all grab bags have been claimed! Please check back for more very soon! Thank you!

  • U.S. cost is $4.95 + .50 for paypal = $5.45
  • Canada/Mexico cost is $10.95 + .65 for paypal = $11.60
  • All other international cost is $12.95 + .70 for paypal = $13.65
1. E-mail me to make sure it's still available. Specify which package you want - feel free to give a few in priority order
2. Wait till you hear back from me (first come first serve) and then paypal me the appropriate amount (I'll confirm this amount when I email you back)
3. If you would like delivery confirmation, just add another $1 to the amount you paypal me, and let me know that you want it.
4. I will send your package out this week!

#1 Zines about women's health - claimed!
15 zines including
- Wives Tales
- Complaints and Disorders : The Sexual Politics of Sickness (Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English)
- I have herpes and it really fucking sucks
- This is your blood, your body #2
- Hot Pantz : do it yourself gynocology / herbal remedies
- Fire Down Below (what some tam on Packet
- Pulling the plug on the sanitary protection industry
- Take back your life (wimmin's guide to alternative health care)
- Crucial Sisterhood (birth control, DIY healthcare, masturbation and sex, menstruation and alternatives)
- Spectacular Specula: an activist dyke discusses self-care, queer reproductive rights, and her os
- The Period Conspiracy : Who's out to hurt you and how
- This Is My Blood
- The Ecology of Being Female

#2 Feminist stuff, - claimed!
13 zines including -
- The invisibility of women prisoners' resistance
- don't be afraid of feminism (an introduction for men, women, boys, ladies, girls, studs, and everyone in between)
- Grrrl Kunt #2
- Let it be known! Experiences of women and lesbian activists
- Strike (2 issues)
- Bunnies on strike #2
- All hands on the bad one #1 (the riot grrrl midlands zine)
- anarcha-feminim: an introduction
- cheerleaders unite (radical cheerleaders zine)
- Striped Stockings (les attitudes des femmes)

#3 Misc. claimed! 18 zines inluding several zine review zines (best zine ever and xerography debt) plus personal and various zines

#4 Misc. - claimed!
18 zines, including several mental health, assault, and disability zines, plus various personal and story zines including:

- She Rose Again
- Still Not Perfect
- Intimate Violence (thoughts about community support around...)
- Taboo
- Word Salad, a journal of mental health (#2: question, new directions, and insurrections)
- Clark 8 (a week in the psychiatric unit, spring 2003)
-Independent Kitten
Authentic Experience Sex Zine
- Stories about my puma
- Big hands
- List
- Ladders and Hips
- Cross Examination

#5 Misc. - claimed!
21 personal and story zines, various, including
- Hirsteria, Shithole, Glossolalia 8, Rice Harvester, Toothworm, Behind Wire Fences, Baby Girl 7, Eyes of Pearl, Obsessor, Big Hands, Dyscrasia, Rum Lad, Ration, Nightly Zine, etc.


amy said...

can i grab 1, 2 and 4? would it be possible to package them all up and save on shipping at all? i'm in canada!

thank you!

Sweet Tooth Crafts said...

Hi Amy!
Hello from our small world! I have you on my blogroll and read your craft blog regularly <3. I loved doing the piece for the femme zine but was sad that I never got copies of them!
So, I can send you a flat rate box but it is $25.95 ($27 with paypal), and they only fill half or 2/3 of it. It is the next size up for international flat rate. SO, if you want to do that, I'd be happy to cram the rest full of zine for you! Otherwise, I can send the 3 envelopes... let me know either way. p.s. I'd LOVE copies of those femme zines if there is any way to get some by the by! I'd love you forever!

amy said...

ha, i have you on my blog roll too, but i don't read you regularly, i'm so far behind! one day i'll catch up, hopefully!

the flat rate box would be fab, and while i'd love you to cram the rest full of zines, i'd be cool if you crammed it full of newspaper or something instead!

i was wondering if you had copies of the zines, and i was going to ask you about it when i found them - they're somewhere in my studio. i'll try to look for them, and send you a few copies of each of them once i find them. they're in a kinko's box, and i'm sure i saw it recently.... they got passed on to me, and i was never sure if all the contributor copies went out.

thank you so much!