Wednesday, October 22, 2008

fabric coasters tutorial

I made some fabric coasters - they were so easy, I thought I'd share the process with you all.

I decided to use my favorite IKEA fabric and plain old felt as a backing (to be gentle on my newly built IKEA coffeetable).

You can cut a template out of cardboard or just cut your square freehand. I cut the felt first because it's the size the coaster will be in the end. Then I placed the felt square over the patterned fabric, positioning it as centrally as possible. I left about 3/4" border while cutting around the felt. The top/patterned fabric will be hemmed, but the felt, of course, doesn't need hemming.

Then I pressed the 3/4" hem around the patterned fabric with the iron.

fold over the corners of the patterned fabric after pressing

line up the felt with the pressed patterned piece and pin, keeping the corners folded as you go

pinned frontside

sew it on the frontside, as close to the edge as possible

once you're done with the outside border hem, clip your threads and sew a square in the middle (to keep your coaster flat and reinforce the shape). I just did it freehand, but you could mark the outline or corners with chalk.

remove pins and press with iron to smooth out pin marks


time for a tea party!


Jen said...

Love it!!! It was so great to hang out with you for a bit this weekend! Have you seen this contest:


Sweet Tooth Crafts said...

It was really neat to see you and hang out at Maker this weekend. this is a great contest! cool!

Elizabeth B. said...

This is a great tutorial! I'm such a fan of tutorials. If I ever invent something, I hope to do one as well as you.

Sweet Tooth Crafts said...

aww, thanks! I've never really done a blog tutorial, so it is nice to hear that.
you should do a tutorial! I'll think about what you should do and get back to you.
work today was fun!!

digibudi said...

Just clicked a link via Craftypod, and I must say, your blog is amazingly beautiful! love it to bits xoxoxo

Sweet Tooth Crafts said...

thank you for commenting, digibudi! I'm adding you to my blogroll and google reader too. I love your blog too! I heard your interview with Diane on the Craftypod - it was really wonderful!

belle said...

hey girly love these and the sweet tea time photo...we are coming to see you as a "south of the river mamas and monster gang" at your coffe slinging gig